Parque Nacional Cajas

Location: Cuenca

Duration: full day
West of Cuenca is the lake district lying at 10,000ft/3,000m above sea level. The region was formed by volcanic activity and has resulted in a breathtaking scenery containing over 200 lakes located 29 km west of Cuenca.This national park became very famous since the appearance of the Virgin (Virgen del Cajas). Many people like to go there to ask for miracles and pray. Approximately 125 species of birds have been found here. Among them, we can mention: The Condor, the Violet-tailed Metal tail, sword-billed, shining sunbeam, sparkling violet-ear and the viridian metal-tail. In the lakes, you can also find Andean gulls, yellow-billed pintails and the speckled teal. Additionally, this is an easily accessible plateau and high elevation forest park and is also the main source of drinking water in Cuenca. An ideal location for hiking, trekking and observing flora, fauna and bird life.