OTAVALO with Huarmi Maqui

1 Day
Early departure to Otavalo, city located north of Quito (1 ½ hr) in the Imbabura province, characterized by picturesque lakes, magnificent sierras and terraced patchwork farmlands. Home to the hard-working and enterprising Otavalo Indians, here you will be able to visit their famous outdoor markets where ponchos, embroidered blouses, ceramics, wall hangings, leather crafts and locally produced jewelry are sold.

We continue with a visit to Huarmi Maqui. This is a community of women artisans, organized since 1999. Their mother language is Huarmi Maqui which means: “hands of women”. They join hands, minds and hearts and give value to their work. With dignity they demonstrate the manufacture of their high quality crafts.
We stop for lunch ( Hacienda Pinsaqui, Hacienda Cusin, Palmeras or Chorlavi).
In the afternoon we will visit the small town of Cotacachi, which is known for its leather industry, and Lake Cuicocha, located in a volcanic crater. Its name comes from the Kichwa indigenous language and means «Lago del Cuy» or Guinea Pig Laguna in English. It was given this name due to the guinea pig shape of the largest Island in the middle of the laguna.
Return to Quito.