GUAYAQUIL Cerro Blanco Dry Forest

Duration: 5 hours (daily)
Only about 15 km west of downtown Guayaquil lies the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, a nature reserve under private management. On over 6,000 hectares you will find one of the last remnants of tropical dry forest in southern Ecuador.
Choose one of the following tour options:
Through the tropical dry forest in search of howler monkeys. During a walk of about four hours you will discover the abundant flora and fauna of the tropical dry forest. You will reach a height of 360 meters about sealevel and have a good opportunity to listen and watch howler monkeys. You will also see numerous species of birds and hopefully also some mammals such as agoutis, coatis, sloths and armadillos. In various places you will also enjoy beautiful panoramic views.


Tropical dry forest and birds. In a short hike on the slopes of Cerro Blanco will receive an introduction to the tropical dry forest ecosystem and have the opportunity to