Bellavista Cloud Forest

Duration: 1 day
Leaving Quito,we travel north via the Equatorial Monument and Pululahua volcano crater towards Bellavista, the hummingbird paradise. Large numbers constantly hover around the feeders and five or six species can be easily identified at close range. On a hike into the forest your guide will acquaint you with the exhuberant Cloud Forest vegetation, its bird life and the fascinating ways in which life has adapted to this unique environment. Lucnh is served in the circular restaurant from where you can enjoy breathtaking views as well as the sight of the fluttering hummingbirds and other colorful species close by. After lunch you have the opportunity to enjoy another hike into the forest along well marked safe trails. Return to Quito late afternoon.

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Combines the Bellavista tour with an overnight at the lodge.