Duration: 1 day (daily)
Antisana is a stratovolcano of the northern Andes, in Ecuador. It is the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador, at 5,704 metres (18,714 ft), and is located 50 kilometres (31 mi) SE of the capital city of Quito. The paramo highlands and glaciers of this volcano are the main object of conservation for wildlife such as paramo wolves, white tail deers, spectacled bears and the most important species in extinction, which is Ecuador`s national symbol, the condor. The Antisana has impressive geological formations that date back thousands of years ago due to its activity period from different lava flow vents located on the flanks of the volcano the remind us of the imposing forces of nature.


Next to Antisana, you will find La Mica Lake, high in the paramo grasslands. This lake serves as a water reservoir for the city of Quito. It is a habitat for a great variety of interesting birds such as Andean coots, silvery grebes, yello-billed pintails, Andean teals, Andean ducks, and plumbeous sierra-finches.