Mountain Bike into the Cloud Forest (full day)


We will depart Quito early morning and drive south east towards the town of Calacali, we will make a short stop at the rim of the Pululahua Crater, from where we have a great view of this extinct volcano which is now a big area of farm land.

At Calacali we will make a left on a dirt road that will take us up hill (about 15 min.) to where we start our day mountain bike ride.


A beautiful winding dirt road will take us, after 14 km, to the lovely town of Nono (2 hour ride approximately).

From here we ride 1 km uphill and gain about 60 m in elevation to arrive to the ridge that divides the Andean valley from the Cloud Forest. We have great views to both sides. Here we will have our snack.

The road starts dropping into the cloud forest, spectacular and dramatic change in vegetation and lots of bird life. This section is about 25 km long (3 hours ride approximately), until we reach Tandayapa Reserve, were we end the ride with a nice Picnic Lunch.

Depending of your program we can spend the night in the cloud forest and have a hike through the cloud forest next day or we head back to Quito.